Browning Gun Safes and John Moses Browning

There is a lot to be said about the history during the year 1977, it was then bought by Fabrique Nationale de Herstel, and to this day, you can get more than just gun safes and firearms from this company. This company was founded in the efforts that it will uphold the standards of excellence and good quality alike. In terms of fire protection, you are will be sure to know that the Browning Gun Safes excel in this field and if you would like to know who makes the best gun safe, know that this is one company that is rated tops.

You could rest easy, when you know that once your order is put in for a safe at this company, this is when the manufacturing process only starts. There is never a safe that is made for purposes of not been sold and in this regard it is well known that the Browning Company has not had less sales than the previous year. With the history of this company, the first safe to carry the Browning name was produced more than 30 years ago, and knowing that this company started with gun production is something that would most definitely set your mind at ease.



Currently many want to know who makes this and that, the one answer that you are able to give with pride and genuinely is the Browning name. All Browning Gun Safes that are manufactured are made with care and passion, the medallion series is one that adds a lot more than anyone has expected. This series of safes are known to as the middle class range. This means that there is nothing that neither the series above it nor the series below it can compare. When you own a Browning gun safe, it is good to know that you are able to add a few optional extras should this be a requirement. Take a look at Gun safe accessories for more ideas on this.


The medallion series offers you some of the best features that are known in the production of safes. The barrel racks offers you the easiest access known to man, this you might consider a somewhat downfall. When you do however take a look at the Omnibarrier protection system that is in place, you will be much more at ease then. When you are out shopping for a gun safe, the first thing that has to be on your mind is the protection of your immediate family, and should you have kids living in the house with you, this is something that they would want to know about. Kids are nothing but curious, bear this in mind.


John Browning had a goal when he started this Company, and there is no way that he would have thought that this Browning Gun Safes is something that would carry his name, that is why, it has to be said that when this man started this company, he had one mission and that was perfection.