Target Tamers – Modern Hunting

Rangefinder technology for hunting has improved significantly over the last decade. Utilizing rangefinder optics in hunting is an invaluable tool that does not need justification. Hunting and target shooting can take place in any type of weather. Contemporary units are more rugged. Also, waterproof designs with advanced technology are much simpler to use. They are a standard tool that all hunters are investing in.

The surroundings need to be ranged before the start of a hunt. The method of ranging demands the most skill. At just a press of a button, a rangefinder bounces a laser off your target. Then an inbuilt clock measures the time it takes for the laser to travel to and back and determines the distance of the target to plus or minus 1 yard. The distance reading is then displayed on the LCD display within a second or less.

The best rangefinder used for hunting depends on the type of hunting one has planned. The rangefinders available are as follows-

  • Rangefinders for rifle hunting
  • Rangefinders for bow hunting
  • Rangefinders for target shooting

Rifle hunting takes one to places where wild things are and one has to be prepared for all types of weather, terrain and distance. The best hunting range finders are waterproof for unpredictable weather. The three best rifle hunting rangefinders are-

  • Leupold RX- 1200i TBR with DNA
  • Leica Geovid HD-B Binoculars
  • Leica Rangemaster CRF-1600B

When the weapon of choice is bow if definitely takes lot of skill to hit the target with an arrow. When looking for a bow hunting rangefinder, the angle compensation features are very important as they allow one the flexibility to range in steep and rugged terrain or from a blind. The 3 best bow hunting rangefinders are:

  • Bushnell The Truth Clearshot
  • Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC
  • Nikon Arrow ID 5000

The target shooting rangefinder is a more advanced and intelligent unit with a few features like angle compensation, target modes and low light functionality. The three recommended target shooting rangefinders are-

Rangefinders are extremely helpful to help you sight in scopes, practice for target shooting competitions, train for tactical purposes and better your hunting experience. Like any other gadget it exists for your convenience, enjoyment and sometimes even your own safety. Combine this with a well-designed monocular and get the most out of your rangefinder means buying one that best suits your needs.

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